Visualize – Woodcutter in action, perched on the wrong side of a branch!

Decoding An Advertisement

Does it look like history repeating itself?  No!  It is PIL pointing out that there is a way out of this folly!

Wood!  The all purpose gift of nature!  Because of the increasing demand and decreasing greenery in the scene, PIL has come out with a revolutionary supplement – almost a replacement for the eradication of the wasteful usage of wood.

The depiction of the orthodox farmer sitting on the branch and hacking the wood is working for his own downfall.  A brilliant analogy is drawn between the familiar woodcutter and the acute problem and concern the world over – conservation of forest and nature.  From a higher pedestal, the PIL announces that this foolishness could come to an end with the usage of the Hostalen, which provides replacement for wood and other packaging material.

The thick cluster of the forest trees and the one in the forefront – a mango tree – which gives tasty mangoes and luscious fruits, with the man depicted cutting the wood and planning his fall leaves no room for doubt as to the meaning conveyed.

As the commodity is intended for the peasants and the farmers, the advertisement is suitable in that it is easily recognized and understood.  Because of its simplicity and subtle humour, the advertisement has a definite appeal to the masses.

The write-up, at the bottom of the page gives a detailed data matter for the common man to know.  It gives statistics about  the amount of wood cut and used as packaging matter, in comparison with the material packed.  It goes on to tell you that Hostalen has revolutionarily replced wood, but is also on its way to conserve other scarce materials like steel, tinplate, glass, etc… in the field of containers.

As a bonus to your clever purchase of this product, he tells you that by using this, you have made an improvement on the quality of life – a temptation scarcely overlooked. In addition, there is the all too influencing factor – foreign collaboration, with West Germany.

RSVS,    II B.Sc. Physics,   13/3/1986

(Written as a creative language (English) exercise.  Assignment was to describe what we were shown.  We were shown a paper which featured an advertisement – image of a woodcutter perched on the wrong side of a branch, and attempting to chop off same.)


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